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Bendix Electric has over 12 years of experience with Photovoltaic solar systems. Our trained experts will come to your residence or business and analyze your site and power consumption. They will then come up with a solar solution to meet your requirements. There is no cost or obligation for this service, which includes estimates on how long it will take to recover your investment. Generous rebates and tax credits are still available. Bendix Electric offers energy solutions for grid tied and off grid applications, roof or ground mount.

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  1. Hello, I found you on Yelp and have been tasked with getting my in-laws cabin in Aspen Valley in Tuolumne county on solar.
    Currently we use a generator for this remote cabin.
    The attached link shows the google map view of the cabin.
    The metal roof is green and steep.
    I am thinking the panels could go in the clearing to the southeast of the cabin or a very small clearing north of the cabin where my mother in law wants a wood shed.
    if you are interested, please let me know or no quote. thank you.

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